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You ?


You ?

Your body as a torchlight

Launching Open Call « Artist / Curator / Collective at e/laboratory » !!

Duration : between 17.03 and 07.07.18

Location : 44 Rue Monsieur le Prince, 75006, Paris


elAboRaTory - artists network and artist-run space- lends you its lab’ !

Would you like to show your artwork or curate an exhibition ? The lab team is looking for new and talented instigators !

Each project submitted to elAboRaTory LABoratory's members should comply with some specific selection criteria :

Artistic quality : we need professional and committed practice !


- The project’s feasibility : Artist/curator/collective’s capacity to ensure the coordination of the entire project, taking into account    the constraints (surface area, material, safety etc.) are some decisive requirements. You should provide your own tools and          gear for the exhibition (base, picture rail etc.)

- The applicable fields : the projects should be related to contemporary visual arts , whether installations, videos, paintings,             sculptures, performance ...

E/lAboRaTory is a network whose main resources are its participants. The artists taking part in the experience should demonstrate a real desire for sharing !! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Send us your application before march 17th 2018, at

Your application form should consist of the following elements :

- a presentation file describing the project intended (including sketches & images) ;

- The application form here ;

- The participant’s CV ;

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