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CALL FOR PROJECTS -                  "Restless and bouncing dialogue" 



Two parts Group Show 

1st part from 1 July

2nd part from 17 September 2020


Deadline for submission :

25 June for the first part of the exhibition

0 July for the second part



e/lAboRaTory, association led by  Séverine Assouline, invites artists to take part in a collective reflection  questioning the notion of Rebound.


Capacity for resilience, but also overcompensation, boomerang effect or impulse for radical change.. the rebound that generally occurs after a crisis or traumatic event is a force of impulse and an irresistible movement that can take different directions and forms.

Unequivocal, equivocal, in which direction do you see the bounce coming?


Exposure locations:


In July, the group show will take place at Paris 6, partly in an outdoor space adjoining a hotel and partly indoors in a second space with a total area of 94m2.

For September, several venues in Paris are currently being considered.


You can complete and send your application file to :


It should include the following elements:

- a presentation file of the project including a letter of intent and usable visuals;

- an application form (here);

- the CV and/or bio of the participants.

- a technical installation file, if necessary, as well as logistical elements and insurance values.



The conditions to be respected imperatively: 


This call is addressed to professional artists registered with the MDA or who can justify a SIRET. An artist may propose several projects, current, past or future, by submitting two separate files for each exhibition. The files must be complete and sent in digital format.


The works will be studied according to several criteria:


● the  expressed intention, their capacity to challenge the public, to provoke reflection, to be a source of inspiration for the artist.

● Technical complexity should not represent too big an obstacle to the feasibility and implementation of the project.

● specify for each work the possibility of being presented outside (secured place)


Responsibilities of artists : 


The artist will have to make himself available for meetings in order to prepare the exhibition of his work. Artists who live in Paris or in the Paris region will be able to do some scouting before the exhibition. 

For artists residing outside Paris, photographs, videos and maps of the premises will be communicated by email.

The artist will be asked to provide any material necessary for communication and mediation: texts, HD photographs, involvement in mediation actions.

For complex installations, the artists will have to participate in the assembly and dismantling of the exhibition.


e/lAboRaTory is a non-profit association aiming to promote artist's works visibility.  25% of the sales possibly generated by the exhibitions organized by the association will be paid to it and devoted to the operational budget.


e/lAboRaTory is a network whose main resources are the participants. The artists involved must demonstrate a capacity and an appetite for sharing and solidarity.  (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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