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The purpose of the Work_In_Progress by e/lAboRaTory is to constitute a cluster of individuals involved in the art field and establish a dynamic exchanges platform for artists and guests through regular events (swapping dinners, workshops, discussions, artshows, etc.). These occasions are designed to be cheerful and lively moments of sharing meant to build a community.

[Swapping dinners] : on a quarterly basis. 3-4 artists with one guest each meet around a meal to exchange non-physical (dialogue, critics theory, introduce artworks, advices, etc.) or swap physical goods (art materials, tools, etc.).

[Workshops, lectures, open discussions] : the possibilities for these events are endless ! They involve dialogue with other disciplines — such as architecture, philosophy, psychology, engineering... — and question ; for example : production process, aesthetics...

If you wanna get involved in at least one of these activities and would like to participate, present your work, attend the meetings or suggest something, get in touch :

W.I.P. Artists Only by e/lAboRaTory
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