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As we need to face the world's upheavals and transformations, what can we rely on ?
At an ever-increasing pace, how do we shed light to start grasping what surrounds us ? 
The artists here will suggest an empirical, sensory, body-centered approach. 
The body as a benchmark of relationships between people. The body, whether social, with a common purpose or perfectly Individual. 
Its breathing, its transformations, its unexpected and sometimes brutal reactions, and its longings, are which spur the ways of the world. ("take this longing")

At a time when one protects oneself from the intimate by mediating it technologically: Tinder, youporn, ghosting .... and where the body is transhumanized, what sensory would allow us to shed light on the world, and what connects us? The links?

In the spirit of the fireflies of Huberman: Glimmers of hope in the face of the blinding lights of power.

Who wants to see or not see?

*"Your body as a torchlight", in Leonard Cohen, Take this longing

EXHIBITION 19 January - 30 January 2017
Your body as a torchlight


Séverine Assouline

Marty de Montereau


Séverine Assouline

Arnaud Cohen


Carine Klonowski

Mehdi-Georges Lahlou

Enzo Mianès

Miriam Poletti

Julien Salaud


Jeanne Bloch

Rugiada Cadoni

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