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The NeoConsortium is a multinational corporation which has become world-leader in the art market by standardizing, rationalizing and industrializing artistic creation.

Thanks to its rigorous processes and its high-quality staff, the NeoConsortium is able to guarantee a topnotch artistic production 24/7.

Its best-seller, the Moduloform, is an irregular polyhedron which is subject to permanent visual and conceptual innovation. With its cutting-edge artistic and contemporary developments, the Moduloform is leader on the market of plastic shapes of great ubiquity.

The NeoConsortium launches @ the lab' elaboratory a new range of furniture and objects with Moduloforms integrated, therefore inventing the Modulodesign, latest edition of a platstic and conceptual perpetual innovation.

EXHIBITION november 18th - december 2nd 2017
Néo-Consortium - Modulodesign, reactivate your home


Danielle Gutman Hopenblum


Anne Vorms

Marianne Abergel

Julie Yülle

Your body as a torchlight
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